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Ways of getting great Blog content ideas from Buzzsumo

It is very normal for writers to experience some kind of mental block. So imagine how hard it can be for a blogger to go through the same scenario. Bloggers, unlike writers, have a more demanding audience. This audience need constant satisfaction through provision of constantly flowing, engaging and informative writing materials.

A blogger has to write at least 3-4 articles every week so as to maintain his audience while targeting or attracting new ones. As a result, bloggers have to have fresh ideas for their writing materials. Coming up with the topics to write about may be easy at first. But as time goes by, you may run out of fresh ideas. Therefore, you may choose to either outsource your articles or look for other avenues to come up with the new topics. BuzzSumo is one of the websites that may help with your blog topic ideas.

What is BuzzSumo?

BuzzSumo is one of the most helpful (and lifesaving, I might add) website under the sun. It is more like a very useful search tool that assists in tracking of content through all the popular social media sites. After tracking the content, the tool will rank the same content depending on the amount of shares it will have in these social media sites. These sites include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest and Google+. What BuzzSumo does is to monitor your content by user or topic while using a very advanced search engine that guarantees accurate delivery of results.

Title generators try their best to create unique titles for books and various topics. BuzzSumo operates in the same way. However, what makes this superb website stand out from the usual title generators is its ability to create a popular topic or title from your keywords. The titles will match with the specific keyword you will be targeting.

How does it Work?

What you need to do is to first identify what content your target audience loves. You will have to conduct a research on the currently trending content that attracts most traffic. Trending content has to be engaging enough to exude so much passion from the readers that they share the content, as well as make comments. Whenever there is a breaking story, you should take advantage of that opportunity to share your views to create relevance within your pool of target audience.

So once you sign up to BuzzSumo, you can place your target keywords for the tool to bring you popular topics that are currently trending in the social media sites. Additionally, the tool has a wealth of important information that guides content readers on the right path to success in content writing. So the websites serves as both a partner and a friend.

For the best content information, BuzzSumo has a number of filters that can let you filter information by date or time. The filters are for clarity in relevant topics trending in the social media. One of the greatest forms of social media tools is the use of images. Content is not the only thing generated for the social media. Infographics and slide shows work the same way content works, if not better. However, you will need a professional to produce the images for you as quickly as possible with great efficiency. BuzzSumo has a tool that is perfect for image production that you can take advantage of known as Canva.

How does social media help with content materials in BuzzSumo?

BuzzSumo provides accurate data on what is working in the social media and what is not. Social media can boost your business with great ease if you know the right avenues to follow. Knowing the kind of target audience you are aiming for, social media can help you achieve your goals and then some. BuzzSumo incorporates the social media to perform a research that ensures your content will successfully flourish. It will find the right content topics and formats worth sharing and produce quality writing material with great speed. During campaigns, BuzzSumo can provide interestingly, eye-catching topics that the media will use. This will require creative imagination to guarantee the audience remain engaged and entertained.

The social media is a great tool for hijacking your competitor’s clients through outperforming your competitors. What the social media does is to provide highlights on interesting content such as the move of audiences from one blogger to another. That way, your content is ranked as the best since it was able to pull in the masses.

Some BuzzSumo features

One of the best features of this tool, besides the use of social media sites for sharing and commenting on content, is the content alert feature. With this tool, you can get content alerts wherever you are in real time immediately a new content is published. This feature will notify you when keywords are named and when a domain publishes any new content. Additionally, links also get the notification whenever there is a new link provided in a domain you have been tracking. For those topics that usually attract lots of information such as on a popular site, you can apply a filter to manage the topics. This can be achieved by applying a share threshold.


Blogging can be an easy thing to do if you love writing. However, if you hate writing, it is advisable to ditch the entire blogging affair. The most challenging part about blogging is generating ideal content ideas. This is not as easy as it sounds since you will be writing about 4 articles every week. But BuzzSumo is here to make your blogging life easier. You are sure to get multiple ideas using this powerful tool by just clicking in your ideal keywords.

It is important to note that you should never copy the titles provided by BuzzSumo once you type in your keywords. Take a quick browse or look at all the available content topic ideas in the social media relevant to your topic. This will help jog your memory in case of a mental block during writing. It can also be very helpful to find your ideal keywords in BuzzSumo as it is not just good for finding content. Whichever method you use, this powerful tool will help you with your creative process when looking for content ideas.





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