Five ways to deal with negative comments

negative comments.

Negative comments If you want to improve your company’s reputation and image, then creating consistent positive interactions with potential customers and followers online is essential to achieving that. The truth is that sometimes, no matter how hard you may try to do this, results won’t always be positive. So if a customer isn’t happy wit

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Using Hootsuite to cross post your content


Using Hootsuite to cross post your content Being able to post the same content on multiple social media platforms at the same time is something that a lot of businesses find very useful, since it helps them maintain a very active social media presence. Cross posting actually makes it easier for businesses to reach mor

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Expanding your marketing reach through Pinterest

expanding marketing

Market Your Business on Pinterest As a business, you probably know how essential it is to be present on many social media platforms, but it seems that not every business out there takes this seriously. If you’ve been struggling in the last few months and you want to know how Pinterest could help you effectively

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Google AdWords or SEO? Why choose both?


Google AdWords or SEO? Why choose both? Search engine optimization and Google AdWords are the 2 main components of SEM or search engine marketing and if you want to run a successful digital marketing campaign, then you definitely need to make the most of both of them. While they are different from one another, ther

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How Google’s +1 Button Affects SEO

Google Plus

Ever since the days of Google Buzz, the “+1 button” has been a mystery for both content producers and users as well. Some people may think that it shares some similarities to the “Like” button used by Facebook, but Google’s +1 button doesn’t actually share content to a user’s social stream. So what is it?

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