SEO Profiler Product Review

seoprofiler review

seoprofiler review

SEO Profiler

is a site improvement apparatus that just uses advancement systems that play by the principles.

Search engine optimization is also known as SEO. Literally, SEO is a mixture of techniques and strategies which are aimed at increasing the level of internet traffic onto the website by getting best keyword ranking on the search engine results pages (SERPs) like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Getting A+ ranking on SERPs is very essential to make sure that internet users can visit your business website, the products and services and brand which you are offering. Well now days, SEO term is widely used in marketing especially in internet marketing or website marketing.

It is used to rank higher in Search engines like (Google, Yahoo and Bing etc.). For this, some changes are made in websites so that everyone can search the desired contents easily. It also connects the website with other famous websites on the internet or placing different company’s ads on the website. So we can conclude that if website rank increases than more visitors visit the pages, blogs or websites and so potentially more business.

Lot of SEO companies providing their services via different SEO software to raise the ranking of the websites but if you are looking for SEO companies with reasonable charges then you are at right place. Meet SEO Profiler software which will help your business website via SEO operations. This software have complete solution of SEO, it manages the keyword research, rank checking, link building research, web page optimization and full print reports from website interface. Simply, you just need to sign in after that you can do everything and there is no need of installing other things.

Features of SEO Profiler

SEO Profiler is a competitive intelligence module based application. Within seconds you can check your competitor everything like back link information, trusted domains linking in; it also includes the newest links, strongest back line and anchor text. An excel spreadsheet is available for the SEO Profilers users which shows the thirty thousand website addresses, along with complete and detailed information about each website link.

You can check and get their website keywords as well as search engine listings. You can also check the other websites that competes for the same website keywords. You can also check the competitors pay per click campaigns and you will come to know that how many ads are running on the competitor’s website. It also allows the users to download the details for analysis. It is complete suite which delivers plenty of information to its users.

Its keyword analysis module is simple awesome. With it research keyword tool you can do everything what you had expect. For an instance, you can evaluate the fresh keywords, check out the competition, evaluate the difficulty of ranking, and you can see the competitor’s keywords which they have used in pay per click campaigns. You can also compare your keywords with the successful pay per click keywords and you can create the targeted website keywords for your Ad words flights. All the tools are efficient and solid.

Link manager of SEO Profiler is one of the best unique features which are integrated in it. It allows the users to manage all your outbound and inbound web links. You can search fresh back links by categories or keywords, by analyzing the competitor’s web links, you can import the partner’s potential web links or URL as you surf the internet.

Once you got a link of the website, it means you have complete access to all sort of information about website and link profile. It has a current web link optimizer that recommends amendments in the anchor text and also eliminates web link from bad neighborhood.  It gives recommendations on how to improve the rank of the website and the website optimizer of this software can evaluate and retrieve the website which has top ten ranks for your keyword.

It has a strong rank analyzer which continuously updates your website search engine ranking and website competition. You can get 25 different print reports which you can either for your personal use or for your SEO client use. SEO Profiler has all the great attributes which makes it complete SEO suite. You just need to pay the six month membership fee which may be annoying but convenience have more worth the software price.

The unique features of the SEO Profiler can be summarized as below:

  • Google Adwords brainpower, see for which magic words your rivals offer on Google Adwords, which promotion duplicates they utilize, which greeting pages, and so forth.
  • Natural positioning understanding, we inquiry 15,000,000 decisive words consistently and reveal to you which Google rankings your rivals have for which catchphrases in 15 nations.
  • Decisive word research, Other than immediate access to the Google Adwords pivotal word apparatus, we likewise offer our own catchphrase database for 7 dialects and 25 nations (for instance, we have distinctive watchwords for USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand).
  • Week by week open doors, when a week, we assemble a rundown of the new backlinks of your rivals, their new natural rankings and their new Google Adwords advertisements and send them to your email address. You’ll get distinctive open doors for each task you have.
  • Main 10 Enhancer, simply enter your site address, any essential word and select a nation. The Main 10 Streamlining agent will hope to measure up your site with the top positioned pages and it will let you know the distinctions in the stay writings, on-page advancement and online networking measurements.
  • Join Chief. This instrument helps you to sort out your third party referencing exercises with interesting gimmicks, for instance it consequently discovers contact data for any connection. Obviously, it additionally routinely checks if your connection accomplices still connection again to you.
  • Positioning Screen. We consistently check your magic words on Google, Bing and Yippee.
  • Catchphrase research. We additionally offer our own particular decisive word database for 25 nations (for instance, we have distinctive catchphrases for USA, UK, Canada, Australia and New Zealand).
  • Week by week open doors. When a week, we incorporate a rundown of the new backlinks of your rivals, their new natural rankings and their new Google Adwords promotions and send them to your email address. You’ll get diverse open doors for each task you have.
  • Adjustable PDF reports that don’t say SEO profiler.

SEOprofiler SEO software


Obviously it has PROS & CONS; some plus and negative points of this software are given below:


Some plus points are given below:

  • It has easy web interface and complete SEO tools.
  • Terrific white label report capability
  • Free trial
  • Friendly and easy to use, even a newbie’s SEO can use this easily
  • Awesome customer services
  • Complete FAQ questions and their answers
  • It has competitive price because all the necessary tools are integrated in it
  • Money back guarantee
  • In just one dollar you can use smart package of SEO Profiler
  • Get top ranking in the SERP
  • Great website optimizer tool which helps in improving the web rank on result pages
  • Up to date link management and back link tool which means it increases the web traffic to your website
  • Keyword research tool which helps you to find the best keyword for you business website
  • It protects your online reputation because it is connected with the Twitter and also with other social media websites
  • Next generation audit tool which scan your website for problems
  • It also have competitive intelligence tool which enables you to spy on your competitors pay per click campaigns.
  • It also disinfection tool
  • You can check the website rank on Google, Yahoo and Bing in sixty eight countries
  • You can get actionable items
  • It alerts and gives opportunities that help you to find the best keyword which will deliver you best results
  • For detailed website analytics, Google analytics are integrated in this SEO suite
  • It is fully customizable with your own colors, logos, footers and headers
  • You can download and send custom PDF reports
  • PDF reports have no reference
  • Business clients won’t able to find that you use SEO Profiler to make reports
  • It also supports the staff accounts, it means you can use this software even with your team


It is hard to find the negative points of this SEO tool. We find only three cons which are given:

  • It has six month price which is irritating
  • Its free version have limitations
  • Mostly it is recommended for those who deeply know about SEO works

Review Overview

Features - 100%
Ease of use - 100%
Value - 86%
Extras - 95%


Overall 5 star

User Rating: 4.43 ( 2 votes)

More Details about Pricing

SEO profiler gives a solitary stage to arrange magic word research exercises, third party referencing advancements, aggressive sagacity research and more – all of which can generously enhance an organization’s SEO crusades. What’s more, the system offers natty gritty, stylishly satisfying reporting peculiarities that are helpful for showing information produced by this product suite. The system offers a free 30-day trial for clients to investigate its peculiarities. After the trial, month to month participation charges will be evaluated, extending from $29 for learner level records to $249 for expert SEO organizations. There are four packages of SEO Profiler that are available in market, which are given below:

Standard Membership

Standard membership is available in just 49.95 dollars per month. Features of standard membership are as follow

  • 500 keywords tracked on Bing, Yahoo and Google
  • 10 projects
  • Audit of twenty thousand pages up to twenty thousand websites
  • Ten thousand managed back links
  • Standard link analysis up to ten thousand back links per website and no link disinfection and limited export
  • 1 Staff member
  • Standard SEO reports

Smart Membership

Smart membership is available in just 99.95 dollars per month but gets SEO Profile today in just 1 dollar; offer expiry date is 24 Jan 2015. Features of Smart membership are given below:

  • 1000 keywords tracked on Bing, Yahoo and Google
  • 50 Projects
  • Audit of fifty thousand pages up to twenty five thousand per website
  • Fifty thousand managed back links
  • Advanced link analysis up to two lack back links per website and access to link disinfection and full export
  • 5 Staff members
  • White label SEO reports

Professional Membership

Professional membership is available in just 249.95 dollars per month. Features of Professional membership are given below:

  • 2500 keywords tracked on Bing, Yahoo and Google
  • 150 projects
  • Audit of one lack and fifty thousand pages up to twenty five thousand per websites
  • One lack and fifty thousand managed back links
  • Advanced link analysis up to two lack back links per website and access to link disinfection and full export
  • 15 Staff members
  • White label SEO reports

Enterprise Membership

Enterprise membership is available in just 999.95 dollars. Features of Enterprise membership are given below:

  • 10000 keywords on Bing, Yahoo and Google
  • 800 projects
  • Audit of seven lack and fifty thousand pages up to twenty five thousand per website
  • Seven lack and fifty thousand managed back links
  • Advance link analysis up to two lack back links per website and access to link disinfection and full export
  • 250 Staff members
  • White label SEO reports

Free smart membership trial details

You can get full month smart membership with complete features on trial basis in just $1 per customer. If you do not want to continue your regular smart membership then cancels the subscription. You will receive just 1 dollar bill and there is not hidden charges. You have an option to cancel your trial membership at any day in month without reducing the trial period. Recurring orders of subscriptions are not refundable. Trial smart membership in $1 is hundred percent free of risk and its better way to test the SEO Profiler.

If you feel that this SEO suite is not for you within thirty days. We will refund your deposits. Well all the subscriptions are monthly plans. You will receive subscription bill at the beginning of every month until you cancel the subscription plan. All the contracts are not long term and you will be billed on monthly basis. You can change your subscription plans at any time in month.

SEO Profile Clients

More than fifty thousand SEO agencies, corporations, mid-sized corporation and small business used this SEO Profiler. Some famous names are given below:

  • EMC2
  • TELE2
  • H
  • COM




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