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Back in August, Facebook was one of the first of the major social media platforms to introduce the GIF commenting capability. However, the thing is that the GIFs all had to come from Giphy, so if you wanted to post a GIF, you needed to share it from that website instead of posting it natively within the social platform. Since this is a new option, we do expect that it will take some time until it’s properly implemented. However, it seems that Twitter has also taken cue from Facebook and they’ve decided to introduce GIFs as well. From now on, you can share and view animated GIFs on , Android and iPhone. GIFs have risen in popularity a lot in the last few years and it seems that they translate well to social media platforms, yet only few of them have actually allowed its users to post them. So if you’re currently on Twitter and have been noticing that many of your friends are posting GIFs like crazy, then it’s because you can now easily post and share them with everyone to help get your point across or just make people smile. While there’s still a long way to go until GIFs will be properly implemented, at the moment it seems that everyone is too happy about their implementation to actually care too much about this.

Why Twitter Animated GIFs?

You’ve certainly seen many animated GIFs in the past, but you probably didn’t know what they were called. Shortly, an animated GIF is a sequence of images that play on a loop. Also, you probably noticed that GIFs also look a bit grainy and that’s because they have a limited color palette. So with that being said, aside from the fact that they can be really useful for the average Twitter user, what else is sharing Twitter GIFs good for? Well, let’s take a look below.

Boost Brand Awareness

Immediately after Twitter announced that they introduced animated GIFs and that now everyone can use them, a wide range of popular brands started to use them. For instance, Wendy’s immediately took advantage of the opportunity and started posting some pretty amazing GIFs of their own. What’s interesting about Wendy’s approach is that while all other brands were posting GIFs about Twitter’s big announcement, Wendy’s went on to create a GIF that would promote their brand. Minutes after being posted, the GIF started to be shared by lots of users.


But wait, what was so special about it that Twitter users went into a frenzy over it? Well, nothing really. It’s just that they deemed it interesting how Wendy’s was so smart to use this new function to increase brand awareness with a cool animated GIF. After all, an image (in this case a sequence of images) says more than a thousand words and that’s clearly going to massively help brands in increasing their visibility and popularity.

Show Off Your Products

The backbone of any retail business in the world lies in the products it sells. Sure, until now, businesses worldwide could easily showcase their products in images, but the only downside is that those images were static. Now, thanks to Twitter’s GIF function, you can easily bring your products to life in more ways than one. For instance, if you’re a business that sells apparel, then you can use a GIF in order to show how one of your pants or t-shirts looks on a real person from various angles.

Showcase Company Culture

Let’s be honest about this: many companies in the past have posted interesting articles or funny memes on their social media channels before. After all, why wouldn’t they? This is a really effective way of engaging with fans and also displaying a certain amount of brand personality. When it comes to animated GIFs, they can also replicate the same results.

But the truth is that with them, you don’t actually need to always concentrate on your products. A lot of companies are actually using GIFs that aren’t even remotely related to their services or products, but do convey a company culture. Even better, the funnier these GIFs are, the easier it’s going to be for them to go viral and therefore increase awareness of the company’s culture.

Autoplaying GIFs

Autoplaying GIFs on Twitter may be a bit problematic to some people, especially because this is a new function and not everyone may know how to make proper use of it. For one thing, we can agree that the majority of Twitter users do use Buffer almost every day. However, logging in to Buffer and then posting animated GIFs is just not possible since it’s only going to be displayed as a static image. However, there’s a workaround you can consider to fix this. Let’s see what you have to do.

Get the Buffer extension

Okay, so the first thing you need to do is get the Buffer extension for your particular browser. After you browse the internet and download it, it’s going to pop up in your toolbar.

Get your desired animated GIF

At this point, you’ll need to start looking for the particular GIFs you’d like to schedule with Bugger. Considering that you’ve logged on to and found your desired GIF, you should then right click on it and you’re going to see a menu appearing called Buffer this image. Click on it.

Finally, you’ll be able to see in the preview that your GIF is working properly. Just post it and watch as the GIF auto plays and gets your message across, whichever that may be.


Twitter’s decision to hop into the GIF bandwagon is certainly one that’s going to benefit the company a lot in the long run. Users are happier and more excited than ever and are using it more and more when posting tweets. In fact, according to Twitter, activity on the social media platform has also increased quite a bit after the new function was revealed, boding well for Twitter’s future and especially for the loyalty of its users. If you haven’t tried it yet, then go ahead and give the new function a spin. It’s certainly going to change the way you use Twitter and also your tweeting habits.




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